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Styling a Footstool

Form meets function in the humble footstool. It’s a wonderfully versatile accent piece that provides a place to pop your feet up, rest a drink, or even get creative with styling. We’d highly recommend taking the road less traveled, turning this living room staple into a display of artful objects. When taking the first step, the key is often to gather a few elements that feel personal to you, inspiring a smile or a memory. It’s important to keep it curated and not go overboard, crowding the space with chachka. But other than that, we’re all for letting the imagination run free! To spark a bit of inspiration, we’ve drawn together a few of our favourite looks…


For a soft and breezy feel, consider a display of seaside wonders, like shells and coffee table books on beachy destinations. This one works best within the right context, like a coastal cottage or a beachfront home. Start with upholstery that speaks to the theme, opting for a sandy Benelux Bouclé or a faded blue linen. A sagey, seafoam green does the trick as well, trying into any plants or bouquets you may introduce for a bit of height in your footstool arrangement. 


For a burst of energy, a verdant botanical spread can work wonders. You don’t necessarily have to opt for zingy green upholstery as we have, but if you can find the courage, we’d highly recommend you do! A home should bring the energy you wish to live with each day – and if you could use an upbeat boost, then go big with it. Dress it up with plant life galore and horticultural references like vintage gardening accoutrements or domed candles, echoing the effect of a terrarium. Go for reading material that draws on this nature-inspired theme, bringing a hit of vitality in from the world beyond your walls.


For the brave of heart, a sheets-to-the-wind, technicoloured scheme can make for a major feature piece. Inject a bit of pattern with a dynamic, patterned fabric like this Pampas in Saffron. Build up from there with a tastefully eclectic mix of your favourite things. Go for objects that you’re naturally drawn to, like a sculptural candle that caught your eye in a shop, or a colourful floral arrangement that lifts your spirit. Keep an eye out for any colourful themes that may be emerging, picking up on one or two hues that you can use to create a sense of continuity and harmony amidst your variety show of bold and bright accents. This is an especially fun theme to adopt if you like to change up your interior styling as the seasons change, giving you the opportunity to swap in elements as you pick up new treasures, keeping the look fresh and intriguing.