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Naturally whimsical chintz, from sofas to wallpaper, has made a botanical comeback. Our latest Get the Look captures the spirit of a maximalist conservatory complete with our Oliver sofa upholstered in Chintz, Greenary. Balancing the fanciful side of chintz are contemporary and naturalistic materials such as rattan, clay and concrete. Discover how to style our favourite vintage fabric with a contemporary edge this Spring.

How to fix up a house on a tight budget? Is it one room at a time approach? Or improving your floor plan? Award-winning interior design studio Topology shares their top accessible ideas to make your renovation an affordable reality. They cover such essentials as storage, sustainable sourcing and getting your foundations right. Read on.

How to decorate your home on a budget? Elegant and serene, the home of Anna Reidinger cracks the code on chic, affordable interiors. This fashion buyer's savvy eye proves that your home can look stylish for less. Read her favourite tips and start your own budget-savvy project.

Discover how to care for linen upholstery and fabric to keep it looking fresh, chic and clean. We adore natural linen upholstery for creating a sophisticated, sustainable and relaxed look. But how do you care for your linen fabric sofa and help its upholstery to age well? Follow our top cleaning tips and your sofa will love you forever.