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Velvet Footstools

A velvet footstool brings an instant boost to just about any scheme, casting a classically cool tone throughout the space. They look fabulous - and as it turns out, they feel fabulous, too! Go for a luxurious, deep pile to create a particularly sophisticated look as well as an added dash of dynamism. 

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Velvet Footstools

Add a dash of drama to your space with a velvet footstool! We offer a range of designs that are primed for the upholstery of your choice. Some of them feature pinch-pulled button detailing across the surface, creating a particularly dynamic display. The surface comes alive in velvet as it plays with light over the course of the day. Explore our endless array of fabrics to find the velvet for you! We offer short and neat piles all the way up to luxuriously deep piles, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got what it takes to help you create just the look you’re going for. We even offer an especially easy-to-clean Aqua Velvet, which is treated with a special protective barrier. That means that most mishaps can be erased with nothing more than a damp cloth! This way you can really kick your feet up and simply enjoy your velvet footstool with peace of mind.