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Wool Sofas

Wool is a natural fabric that makes a fabulous choice for upholstery. A wool sofa has an air of warmth to it that adds texture and depth to any interior design scheme. It’s also naturally flame-resistant and durable, ageing gracefully with enjoyment. 

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Wool Sofas

Wool sofas are a style that have stood the test of time. They’ve got a wonderful warmth to them that looks fabulous in any interior design scheme. Their versatility and perennial popularity make them a great investment for the home. Wool is also a natural material that carries flame-resistant properties of its own accord, which is an added bonus! It happens to be a durable material, too - a quality which everyone can appreciate. So, even if your sofa will sit in the centre of a sometimes hectic family home, you won’t have to stress about tiptoeing around it. You can check out our other family-friendly fabrics here to explore all our recommended options. Pair your wool sofa with one of our modern rugs to complete the cosy effect. Many of them are also made with wool, amplifying that soft and luxurious feel throughout your space. Check out designs like Ingrid for a pop of pattern!