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Small Sofas

We love a compact, cosy home! That’s why we design tons of small sofas to suit even the tightest of spaces. 

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Small Sofas

Quality over quality, right? We think so! Small sofas make excellent additions to cosy homes that call for a bit of creative thinking. Going for a more compact sofa frees up space to fill your home with all the things you love. They allow you to draw in more exciting design elements like armchairs and footstools, creating a cohesive scheme that reflects your personality. They work wonderfully well in studies, nooks, and even kitchens! Explore our blog post on 7 Stylish Kitchen Sofa Ideas to see for yourself. If you’ve got a space that calls for a bit of interior ingenuity, stop into one of our shops for guidance or book a free online style consultation. Our team will be happy to offer up ideas for creating a feeling of spaciousness as well as suggest a few sofas for the job. Get browsing today to kick off your space-saving design journey!