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Modular Units

Our individual modular units provide peak flexibility! Whether you’re looking to maximise a distinctive floor plan or create the bespoke seatingscape of your dreams, we’ve got the shapes, sizes, and styles to make your vision a reality. If you'd prefer not to create your own, choose from one of our preconfigured modular sofa designs.

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Modular Units

We offer standard, corner, and chaise units that allow you to tailor each design to your liking. Each option is made to fit perfectly within a particular design family, so you can be sure your individual choices will match perfectly within a greater scheme.  For a versatile interior design scheme, there’s no better choice than modular furniture! Our individual modular units are the building blocks of a distinctive sitting area. Choose between standard, corner, and chaise units that allow you to custom build your seating. Each range falls under the umbrella of a larger design family, so you can be sure they’ll fit together perfectly, not just from a functional perspective but a style standpoint, too! These are adaptable designs that can grow with your family, or shrink down and split apart to suit new spaces. They are very much made for the realities of modern living, in all its forms! Because we’re big on personalisation, we like to offer a massive variety of options so you can create your dream sitting area, perfectly tailored to you and yours. Browse away to find the format for you!