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Fabric Footstools

Our fabric footstools bring an added layer of personality to any space. They are functional additions to the home which can be sprinkled throughout for a casual and convivial feel. We particularly love our upholstered footstools as they present the opportunity to personalise your furniture with the fabrics of your choice, adding character and panache.

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Fabric Footstools

Opting for an upholstered footstool brings a whole new level of personality to any interior design scheme. Because we offer endless fabric options, you can really get creative with your bespoke furniture. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly furniture or luxury design pieces, we’ve got the fabrics to suit every style and price point. Upholstered furniture is at the heart of our collection; it’s what we do best! So, you can be sure you’re getting pieces that are made to stand the test of time while looking great in the process. We offer everything from small pouffes in sculptural silhouettes, all the way up to large upholstered ottomans with rich detailing. Whatever your style, we find that introducing an ottoman to a space can really pull the scheme together, creating an eye-catching focal point. It’s a handy addition to the home which creates a place to perch, pop your feet up, rest a drink, or even store away sundries. Be sure to explore our storage ottomans to really maximise the utility of your space!