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Velvet Sofas

For a smooth and sumptuous look, it’s got to be velvet. It gives off a wonderfully luxurious feel, with a sheer shimmer that plays with the light over the course of the day. We even offer tons of easy-to-maintain velvets to take the pressure off while retaining all the charm of this glamourous textile.

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Velvet Sofas

A velvet sofa is the height of club-style luxury. It’s got a look and feel of premium comfort, all wrapped up in a gorgeously luminous package. It’s a great choice for every space from a bright and airy living room to a cosy, dimly lit study. We offer tons of options that allow you to tailor the pile depth, colour, and even cleaning specs to your liking. You can even go for an Aquaclean Edition which allows you to blot away most spills with nothing more than a damp cloth! So even if yours is a busy family home, you can still get in on the velvet style with no worries to speak of. We especially love designs like our expansive Otto in velvet as it provides a large and luxurious canvas for upholstery. Pair that with a velvet footstool of a different colour to create a dynamic, yet sophisticated display.