Bespoke Sofas in 6-8 weeks subject to fabric availability


We’re all about the slow approach to making beautiful objects that last a lifetime. We handcraft each piece of furniture to order, with an eye to minimising waste for a happier planet. Sometimes, however, we do have cancelled orders or ex-display items and design samples which wind up in need of homes. That’s why we’ve created The Outlet, a place where we can match up gorgeous furniture with new families.

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Explore our Outlet to discover a treasure trove of styles, from mid-century sofas to contemporary armchairs. Their heavily discounted prices mean they’re made to move, plus they’re available for delivery right away. So, if you see something you like, it’s best to strike! If not, do check back regularly as we’re constantly refreshing The Outlet. Here’s to reducing, reusing, and recycling fabulous furniture at irresistible prices! 

We make furniture for life, handcrafted to order for less waste and a happier planet. Sometimes we do end up with the odd cancelled order or piece of ex-display furniture in need of a home. That’s why we’ve created this fabulous furniture Outlet where you can find heavily discounted sofas, chairs, footstools, and more! It’s all part of our win-win effort to minimimise waste and maximise value to you. This is furniture ready to deliver and priced to go quickly, so best to act before someone else does! If you don’t find the perfect style for you, be sure to check back daily as we’re constantly updating our Outlet furniture. 

If you’ve settled on a winner and are wondering how to dispose of old furniture in an environmentally-friendly way, we’ve got you covered! We work with Clearabee to remove sofas, chairs, footstools, and more, making way for your shiny new find. You can book a collection to suit your schedule, then they’ll pop by and whisk it away in a snap. It’s that simple! Plus, Clearabee's landfill diversion and recycling rates are over 95% on average, meaning you can be sure that your unwanted furniture will be handled in an eco-conscious way. What’s more, they’ve planted 43,920 trees in the UK since 2018, making them carbon neutral! To take their environmental commitment a step further, they’re also working on reducing the actual carbon they produce in the first place. Moral of the story: everybody wins, including the planet, and you end up with the furniture of your dreams, for less!