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Wool Footstools

Working a wool footstool into your living space delivers an instant feeling of warmth. This characterful natural material carries a certain cosiness which creates an atmosphere of comfort and calm. We offer a wide variety of options so you can rest assured there’s one just for you! Once you’ve found the shape you’re looking for, we can personalise it with the fabric and design details of your choice, creating a beautifully bespoke footstool that feels true to you.

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Wool Footstools

We’re big fans of wool footstools! Adding one to your space contributes to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The wonderfully tactile quality of this natural material creates a cosy effect as well as a characterful look. Choose a patterned wool to impart a little extra personality in your footstool! You can go all out with a large footstool designed to be shared, or keep it simple with a small footstool just for you. Any of our footstool designs can be used in a variety of ways, creating a place to rest your feet, extra seating for guests, or even a statement centrepiece. We love seeing how our customers personalise our designs to suit their spaces and styles! We offer tons of fabric options as well as finishes and bespoke design details which help to make each footstool unique. Browse our full range to settle on the perfect one for you.