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Family-Friendly Footstools

Looking for a beautiful footstool that will stand up to the realities of a busy family household? We’ve got just the designs for you! Our hardwood frames are robust and ready to take on even the wiliest of little ones! Plus, we offer a wealth of fabric options so you can opt for a particularly hard-wearing, easy-to-clean upholstery.

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Family-Friendly Footstools

Footstools are a real winner in busy family households! With a child’s imagination, they can transform into everything from a pirate ship to a space shuttle. Plus, they’ll give you the perfect spot to kick your feet up after playtime. We build all of our footstools with robust hardwood frames, making them sturdy enough to take on the realities of family life. We also offer a wealth of choice when it comes to fabrics. All of our footstools are made to be customised, so you can pair any fabric with any model to create just the look you’d like. Plus, you’ve got the freedom to opt for particularly hard-wearing and easy-to-maintain fabrics that will make your life that much simpler. Consider opting for one of our Aqua Clean editions for super simple cleaning. The special protective barrier helps to stave off stains, making it a cinch to clean up most spills with nothing more than a damp cloth. Try them out for yourself to experience the difference today!