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Deep Sofas

Sometimes you just need to sink into the sofa and let the day melt away. We get it! That’s why we make a range of extra deep sofas with generous cushioning in plush materials. These sofas have seats that are well and truly made for lounging. So, dive in and set the scene for total sofa serenity with our marvellously cosy, customisable designs.

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Deep Sofas

Some sofas are made to look neat and tailored; others are made to melt into while you let the day drift away. We’ve curated a range of designs that are perfectly suited to serious lounging, with deep seats that create a cocoon of comfort. Each one has plush, pillowy seats plumped up by specially formulated fillings. We offer a range of options, from more supportive mixes to 100% down, making it easy to find the perfect balance for you. These sofas tend to be more spacious than our other options, making them perfect for piling aboard and cuddling up. They’re great home cinema sofas that you can really kick back on. We’d suggest pairing them with a few of our customisable throw pillows to really up the ante! If you’d like any help along the way, simply drop into one of our showrooms or book a free style consultation online.