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Large Footstools

Adding a large footstool to your sitting area can really change the dynamic of the space. These expansive, ottoman-style pieces are true jacks of all trades. You can, of course, pop your feet up on them, or get creative by using yours as an upholstered coffee table. Simply pop a tray down for drinks and get stacking coffee table books interspersed with a few of your favourite objects. Voila - an original and supremely comfortable look!

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Large Footstools

Introducing a large ottoman to your space can really shake things up! They’re wonderfully versatile pieces, acting as shapeshifters primed to rise to any occasion. Of course they’re perfect for kicking your feet up, but they also work well as spare seating for guests. If you want to go for an original look, use yours as an upholstered coffee table. Consider popping a tray down to keep both drinks and fabric safe, then go wild with floral displays, coffee table books, and a few of your favourite decorative objects. Check out our blog post on footstool styling to see exactly what we mean! Footstools offer a real opportunity to show a hint of character, no matter how you style them. They’re the perfect way to introduce a pop of pattern or colour to a sitting area, as they keep to a smaller scale than a sofa, allowing you to go extra bold without overwhelming the eye. Check out our full range of fabrics for a bit of inspiration.