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Cocktail Chairs

What better place to enjoy your favourite tipple than a purpose-built perch? Explore our cocktail chairs to find the perfect one for you! Each one has got a sophisticated feel in a neat little package. They work wonders in smaller spaces, thanks to their compact footprints, making them fine friends to those decorating closer confines.

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Cocktail Chairs

There’s something special about the ritual of retiring to your favourite seat in the house. There’s something even better about doing it with a cocktail in-hand! Our cocktail chairs are designed for just such scenarios. They’re built to a compact footprint that makes them easy to work into cosy nooks or tight corners. They score high on style as well, with vintage-style charm in an endless array of fabrics. The Vesper is a classic, with a playful, Art Deco-inspired aesthetic and a comfortably cushioned seat. You can even pair these petit perches with footstools to maximise comfort! If you do, we’d recommend getting creative with your scheme and mixing fabrics. Just because our cocktail chairs are smaller in size, doesn’t mean they’re any less arresting in terms of style. So, pick a prime spot at home and get exploring our range to carve out a special spot of your own!