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Bedroom Chairs

Adding a chair to your bedroom can really level up the space. It works as a Jack of all trades and looks great doing it! It also helps to create a polished, finished look and can tie together other decorative elements within the scheme. 

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Bedroom Chairs

Bedroom chairs are often unsung heroes which can bring a big boost to the space. They’re incredibly useful, versatile additions and their compact footprints makes them easy to find a home for. They also look fantastic, providing the opportunity to fold a pop of colour into your scheme. If you’re looking to keep the effect neutral and soothing, consider a textured upholstery like boulcé or linen. You can go for a design like our Vesper if you’re looking to keep the effect neat and petit. For something a little more spacious, you can opt for the Hector armchair. It can really breathe some life into a corner or even carve out a little sitting area within the bedroom if you go for a pair. Simply adding a small side table and perhaps a rug can define a whole new zone within the space, as well as create a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere.