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Velvet Chairs

Velvet is a material that’s sure to make an impact every time! It brings up feelings of hunkering down at an old-school cocktail lounge, taking it easy, and settling in for good times. We offer tons of options when it comes to velvet so you can be sure to find just the one for you.

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Velvet Chairs

Velvet is a beautifully luxurious material with a sumptuous feel and a luminous look. It brings an instant boost to any living space, imparting an air of sophistication and style. We particularly love deeply coloured velvets, which contribute to a rich interior palette. This is a fantastic material for imparting a bit of extra warmth in your space. The texture adds a great, big dose of cosiness while the varied surface creates a dynamic look as it plays with light over the course of the day. Go for a top-tier choice like our Velvet Luxe for the ultimate in plush, pillowy comfort. Alternatively, you can opt for Aqua Velvet if you’ve got a busy household to work with! It’s a fantastic choice for those who are prone to the odd spill as you can clean most mishaps up with nothing more than a damp cloth. Now, that’s luxe living done right!