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Cotton Sofas

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Noah Medium Sofa

Leon Snuggler

Leon Small Sofa

Noah Snuggler Sofa

Noah Small Sofa

Noah Grande Sofa

Leon Medium Sofa

Leon Grande Sofa

Hartfield Large Sofa

Oliver Large Sofa

Oliver Medium Sofa

Ferdinand Grande Sofa

Pembroke Small Sofa

Cartwright Small Sofa

Hartfield Snuggler

Hartfield Small Sofa

Cartwright Snuggler

Oliver Grande Sofa

Cartwright Large Sofa

Cartwright Medium Sofa

Pembroke Corner Sofa

1-24 of 53

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You can’t beat the contemporary, cool of a cotton sofa. This natural fabric is versatile, soft and timeless. If you love the feel of a plush cotton sofa, then explore our range of cotton fabrics below to find the perfect colour for your home.