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Protecting Your Wood Floor

Wood is a beautiful, natural material that brings warmth and tactility to a home. We love wood floors and think they look wonderful peeking out from under our furniture. There is, however, always a risk of marking if the proper precautions aren’t taken to protect your floor from furniture feet. Handled incorrectly, you could notice indents or scratches forming.

Some wood floors are softer and more prone to marking than others. Solid hardwood tends to hold up relatively well, as do engineered options. On the other hand, oak parquet flooring, for example, will be softer and more likely to mark. An unprotected castored sofa leg might leave indentations as it will allow the furniture to shift ever so slightly, depending on its size. This is perfectly fine when placed on a carpet, but on a precious wood floor, less so! Let’s look into what steps you can take to prevent any damage…

Felt Furniture Pads

Placing soft felt pads beneath each furniture foot will go a long way in protecting your wood floor. They provide a cushion which will help to distribute weight, impede movement, and protect the surface from scratches. We’d suggest a naturally coloured option which will blend well with the wood, creating a clean look. These felt furniture pads are a simple and inexpensive option for protecting your floor. Though, a trip to your local shop or a quick Amazon search will turn up many more choices, allowing you to match the pads to your floor’s finish. 

Castor Cups

Castor cups are the traditional choice for protecting hardwood floors against marking. They’re simple to use and have a neat look to them. Carefully lift and place each castored leg into a cup and you’re good to go! We particularly like these cups as they’re made of wood, themselves and have a protective layer of felt on the underside. So, they look great while keeping your floors as good as new! 


This one’s simple and stylish! Selecting a rug for under your furniture will not only protect your wood floor, but add a bit of interior intrigue as well. To get inspired, explore our very own range of handcrafted rugs. From small round jute rugs to larger contemporary area rugs, we’ve got options for all!