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A Place of your Making

Finn is a classic design made modular with soft lines and a timeless appeal. Make space for for everyone aboard! It’s got a low back that creates a modern look, dressed up with taller scatter cushions to add support and give you that extra level of comfort throughout even the most ambitious movie marathons. The addition of feathery side bolsters enhance the luxury. Finn has got subtly scrolled arms that curve outwards, creating a wonderfully inviting look. The bun feet are kept compact and short so that the design floats just above the ground, imparting a cool and contemporary feel.

Image features - Banner: Finn Corner Sofa in Salt, Ecru.

Image features: Finn Corner Sofa in Salt, Ecru.

Image features: Finn Sofa in Salt, Ecru.

Image features: Finn Large Sofa in Salt, Ecru.

Change up the soft shape with our Qube Footstool which adds contrast and looks fresh in a bold stripe.

Finn’s fabulously cushy seats offer the perfect place to unwind after a big day. The generous back cushions pull their weight too, allowing you to rejig your seat to perfectly suit the moment. You can tailor Finn from the get-go, selecting your favourite fabric from our endless options! Go for a wallet-friendly House fabric, or opt for a luxe designer weave to up the ante. Alternatively, we can even cover Finn in COS and COM selections, meaning you can source your upholstery from outside our books. We’re here to make your furniture dreams come true, with bespoke creations that are designed to last a lifetime!

Image features: Finn Corner Sofa in Salt, Ecru.

The Finn Family...

Maxi Sofa

H88, W223, D116cm

Grande Sofa

H88, W223, D116cm

Large Sofa

H88, W194 D116cm

Medium Sofa

H88, W171 D116cm


H88, W128, D116cm

Loafer Stool

H51, W94, D105cm

Filler Unit

H88, W94, D112cm

Double Filler Unit

H88, W188, D112cm

Corner Unit

H88, W112, D112cm

Grande Double Arm Unit LH

H88, W208, D112cm

Grande Double Arm Unit RH

H88, W208, D112cm

Single Arm Unit LH

H88, W114, D112cm

Single Arm Unit RH

H88, W114, D112cm

Grande Corner Sofa LH (3 peice)

H88, W320/230, D226cm

Grande Corner Sofa RH (3 peice)

H88, W226/320, D112cm

Grande Corner (3 peice)

H88, W320/320, D112cm

Grande Open Corner Loafer LH
(4 piece)

H88, W320/300, D112cm

Grande Open Corner Loafer RH
(4 piece)

H88, W300/320, D112cm