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Pair with the Perfect Cushions

The right accessories can transform the look of your interior and tie your theme together. When it comes to the starting point, we offer an endless array of fabric options to suit every price point. You can choose from our House classics or go bold with a designer textile - the choice is yours! You can then layer on some of our decorative cushions, again, in whichever fabrics speak to you. A throw is the final piece of the puzzle, adding a wonderfully welcoming touch. To offer a bit of style inspiration, we’ve drawn together some of our favourite looks below…


A sleek, monochrome palette is sure to set a cool and contemporary tone. If you like to keep your surroundings minimal and calming, this is a great approach. Simply stick within the same colour family for your sofa and accessories to recreate the look. If you’d like to add a dash of intrigue, consider playing with different textures. 

Calm & Tranquil

To create a soothing oasis in your home, we’d recommend going for soft pastel shades. Blue and green are typically considered the most calming on the colour wheel. They’re also quite versatile within an existing scheme, which makes styling a cinch! 


If you have a neutral colour scheme, then you can’t beat a cream cashmere throw and a muted cushion. We’d recommend adding a hint of personality and warmth by opting for beautifully textured natural fabrics, like bouclé or wool blends. 

Bold Pattern

Experimenting with accessories is a great way to try out decorative ideas in your space. Bring in a burst of pattern by opting for dynamic prints against a solid backdrop. You don’t even have to go big on colour here, as the graphics alone can speak for themselves and bring a whole lot of energy!