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Spotlight on Sephy

Spotlight on Sephy

Our Sephy sofa is equal parts distinctive and distinguished. It’s got a sculptural silhouette with scalloped edges and a softly curved seat. This is a grande dame of design which brings an instant style boost to any space. To offer a first-hand account, we connected with our very own Tash Monk, who heads up our Marlow showroom. She’s got a soft spot for Sephy - and if you stop in to see for yourself, we think you’ll understand why! Without further ado, onto the expert…

You’re the proud owner of a Sephy sofa, yourself. Can you tell us what initially drew you to the style? 

I was instantly drawn to our Sephy sofa when it was first launched. I love its ‘60s charm and the brass-capped details of the beech legs. I love its comfort and style, too.

What is it about Sephy that tends to seal the deal for Arlo customers?

All the above, really. Our customers are drawn to its comfort and the fact that it is low maintenance…no plumping required! That, coupled with the fact that it looks stunning in all our Arlo fabrics, makes Sephy a real winner. 

How does Sephy do in terms of functionality? 

Sephy works in every room - from kitchens, where the medium size Sephy works beautifully, to a snug or bedroom where the small Sephy shines, especially at the bottom of a bed. The rounded shape can soften a room and when the fabric is a similar colour to the wall, it, in effect, blends into the walls and makes even the smallest of rooms feel spacious.

What styles of interior do you feel Sephy works best in?

All interior styles work with Sephy – it’s all about how you style the rest of your room.

What Arlo designs do you think pair best with Sephy?

I love pairing Sephy and Agatha together. Having a large Sephy sofa with two beautiful Agatha armchairs is the ultimate in luxury for me.

Curious about Sephy? Pop into our Marlow showroom to talk shop with Tash! You can also stop by your local Arlo or explore online to find out more.