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Photographing Your Home


5 Tips for Photographing your Home

Ever wondered how to photograph your home like a professional? Leading interiors photographer Polly Wreford shares some industry tips for achieving the best images.

Tip 1. Get the lighting right

Take your pictures in natural light whenever possible. Artificial light not only distorts colour but it creates glare, too. A side lamp can give a nice glow but avoid anything overhead. Turn off your flash and avoid facing the phone or camera directly into a window. 

Tip 2.  It's all in the angles

Think about the angle you’re taking the picture at. Standing up and pointing down gives a strange view of your sofa, you need to get right down there on the floor! Pull back as far as the room will allow you to so you don’t distort the image. Avoid pointing the camera directly into the corner of a sofa too as this also causes distortion.

Tip 3. Steady on!

Keep your phone steady, which is not always as easy as it sounds! Use something like a footstool or low table to rest your elbows or consider investing in a small, flexible tripod. They’re inexpensive and incredibly useful for all kinds of photography.

Tip 4. Think like a stylist

A little bit of styling goes a long way. Keep it simple - that’s the key. Avoid too many personal photos and choose one statement piece: a plant, a small table or piece of art. Be creative with greenery as well. You can make an interesting scene with just a simple branch from the garden. 

Tip 5. Get to know your camera or the photography functions on your smartphone

Smartphones today have a wealth of features that make taking a great photograph easy. Have fun playing with different settings and learning the functions along the way. Try not to rely too much on filters - natural, clear images are always best for a high-quality picture. If you're using a camera, the same rules apply. Look at the settings and get to know them. And when in doubt, read the manual!

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