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Footstools by Style

Footstools by Style

Selecting a footstool can be especially fun as it presents a chance to go out of your stylistic comfort zone! As furniture comes, they tend to be on the smaller end so you can go a bit bold without overwhelming a space. Whether you splash out in terms of colour, pattern, or form, a footstool can offer a touch of the unexpected! If, however, you know what you like and want to find a footstool to match that style, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn a bit more about the various styles of footstool that we offer…

Sculptural Footstools

We love these little numbers for their compact footprints and distinctive forms! The Bee footstool comes together as a stack of three cylinders, creating an eye-catching silhouette. The Drum is stunning in its simplicity, with one large cylindrical layer resting on a smaller pedestal. Finally, Qube takes a similar approach to Drum, adapting into a cubic format which creates a larger surface area. These neat, beautifully crafted footstools pack a real punch when dressed up in graphic patterns and textural fabrics. We’d suggest grouping a few of the same footstool together in different fabrics, or going for one of each in the same fabric to add intrigue!

Old School Ottomans

There’s something exceptionally welcoming about a great, big ottoman. We offer quite a few large-scale options with traditional detailing to set a cosy tone. Archie, for example, sports an upholstered top with buttons which have been pinch-pulled by hand for a deep-set, dramatic effect. Tabitha has a sleek upholstered top, though scores highly thanks to shapely hand-turned legs completed with brass castors. Bingley combines both elements, with buttoning on top and beautifully sculpted legs below!

Scandi Style Footstools

We love a bit of Scandi style here at Arlo! The sleek lines and use of natural materials make for furniture with a whole lot of heart and a modern feel. The Anderson footstool is a perfect example, with its customisable exposed wood frame, tapered legs, and central island of upholstery. Sephy takes a different approach, with an oval format and shapely feet crafted in rich hardwood. Charlie harnesses the playful spirit of Scandinavian design, incorporating bobbin legs and a smooth top that’s perfectly primed for some expressive patterning!

Sleek Footstools

Sometimes keeping it classic is the way to go. We have lots of crisp, beautifully finished footstools which will blend seamlessly into just about any scheme. The Ferdinand is a popular choice for its simplicity and clean lines. Hartfield is the blueprint of a well crafted footstool, with neat detailing, a plush cushion on top, and castored feet below. Finally, you can’t go wrong with Noah! This is an elongated, streamlined ottoman with a beautifully boxy format that works wonders in any space.

And that’s not all! We offer tonnes of other footstool designs to suit your space and taste. Explore all of our options online or pop into one of our showrooms to try them out for yourself!