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Welcome to our wonderful world of footstools! A footstool is something of a Jack of all trades. They work wonderfully as a place to kick up your feet, as well as a spot to sit, or even an upholstered coffee table. Ours are handcrafted right here in England by one pair of practised hands, so you can be sure you’re getting quality made to last. Explore our full range to discover the perfect model for you!

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We love a footstool as a piece of versatile furniture! These small but mighty designs work wonders as a footrest, piece of extra seating, or even an upholstered coffee table. We offer bespoke footstools designed to your specifications. Choose your favourite fabric to add a dash of personality to your space. We also offer a treasure trove of interior design ideas for footstools right here on our site to spark a bit of inspiration. We’d recommend opting for a patterned footstool if you’re looking to really make a splash! Though, we also offer more traditional buttoned footstools for a plush, old-school feel. Go for a velvet footstool to create a sense of warmth and luxury, or a linen footstool to give your home a light and airy look. If you’re not sure where to start, book a free online style consultation and one of our experts will gladly set you off on the right foot!