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Choosing Your Dream Sofa

Selecting the right sofa for your space, taste, and lifestyle is key to making an interior shine. It is, however, easier said than done! That’s why we’re going back to basics with a step-by-step guide to choosing the right sofa for you, down to the details. Let’s get into it…

Sofa Sizing

First thing’s first! Start by thinking about the space you have to work with and how you’d ideally format it. Once you’ve got an idea of where you plan to place your new sofa, make sure to measure out the area. When determining your preferred sofa dimensions, keep in mind that you’ll want to leave a generous amount of wiggle room around it to allow for an easy flow of movement. Our sofas come in a range of sizes: small, medium, large, and grande. We even offer corner models and modular designs to give you that much more freedom! We’d also suggest you take a moment to think about how you envision yourself and any family or friends using the sofa to get a sense for how many people you’d like to seat. Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to guide you and even produce a floor plan that allows you to visualise how a sofa will feel in your space.

Sofa Format

Once you’ve got a grasp on the dimensions, the next step is considering format. Are you looking for a structured sofa with two individual seat cushions carved out? Our Hector could fit the bill! If you’re after a corner sofa to make the most of your floorplan, check out designs like our sleek Ferdinand. If, alternatively, you’d prefer to keep all your options open, we’d recommend exploring our modular designs. Sofas like our Otto are endlessly adaptable, allowing you to create just about any format you can dream up! Plus, you can easily remix the individual units to suit you down the line.

Sofa Style

This is where it starts to get extra fun! Consider what sort of style you’re building up in your interior. If you lean towards a sleek, contemporary look, check out options like our Noah. If you’re after a stylised, feminine feel, be sure to consider our Sephy sofa. For a cool and cosy Scandinavian style, have a look at our ever-popular Henry. If you’re not quite sure where to start, simply pop into one of our showrooms to get inspired! We can even put together complementary moodboard that will help you get a feel for your revitalised space. 

Cushion Comfort

Do you prefer a soft, cloud-like sofa that you can sink into? Sounds to us like you’re a 100% Down type of person! How about a more structured, supportive seat? We’d bet you’re in the market for something more like our Foam Flex cushion fill. The beauty is we offer tonnes of options when it comes to cushion fill. You can learn more about them in this blog post, though your best bet is to pop by one of our showrooms to get a feel for yourself!


The softest, slouchiest sofas with the most give have feather-wrapped foam cushions. These are the sofas that have that cloud-like, enveloping feeling – ideal for a relaxed look and a super cosy interior.


Slightly firmer but still classed in the soft category are our full-feather cushions. Still super flexible and forgiving, they have a touch more support but still squish down perfectly.


Since most of us fall somewhere in the middle of the comfort scale, many of our sofas have feather-wrapped foam cushions, which offer a mid level of give.


Looking for a more supportive, firmer sofa with a crisp shape and design? A sleek, sophisticated sofa has clean lines and an elegant shape. Our Foam Flex cushions are the firmest of our cushion fills while still providing an unparalleled level of comfort.

Fabric Fun

Now for a little dress-up! The fabric you choose for your sofa goes a long way in setting the tone of its environment. There are four key factors to consider here: colour, pattern, texture, and performance. First consider who will be using your sofa and how. If you’ve got young (and possibly accident-prone) children, you might wish to keep away from fabrics which call for greater attentiveness, like our Luxury Velvet. Pet owners may also wish to steer clear of fabrics with looser weaves which can catch on claws, like bouclé for example. If, however, you fall head over heels for a delicate fabric, you can always opt for a Staingard fabric insurance policy to bring peace of mind. 

If you’re looking to create an airy sense of spaciousness, we’d recommend lighter colours in simple fabrics like linen. If you’re going for a warming, dramatic look, consider deep colours like navy blue or rust red in sumptuous textures like velvet. To create a more playful, energetic look, consider vibrant patterns like a lovely Northiam in the Olive colourway from Zinc Textiles. Finally, if you’re more drawn to a neutral palette but want to inject a bit of intrigue, try getting adventurous with texture. Check out bouclés, as well as options like our Basket Weave and Chunky Weave. 

If you’ve got a specific budget in mind for your new sofa, selecting the right fabric can make a considerable difference in sticking to it. If you’re looking to keep costs to a minimum, this is where we can help the most! Our fabrics are organised in price bands starting low at A and going up from there. For help keeping within bounds, simply chat with one of our experts and they’ll tease out the best options for your budget, taste, and lifestyle. 

Design Details

Many of our sofas come with a range of design details to choose from! We often offer optional castors on the feet, for example, which you can choose to forego in favour of brass caps. You’ve also got choices on the legs themselves, which are turned by hand by our friend, Steve just down the road! We’ll often give you the opportunity to go for bobbin legs over straight legs, for example, which can add some playful appeal to a design. Finally, be sure to check out your choices of wood stain for the legs, too! That can really change the tone of a piece, especially when considered in tandem with your choice of upholstery.

Sofa Styling

Now for the finishing touches! To complete the look, think about which other fabrics might pair well with your sofa. We offer tonnes of throw cushions, which we create on a bespoke basis using your choice of fabrics. We can even add piping for an extra touch of intrigue. You might also wish to pair your sofa with a footstool in a bold pattern or texture! Do keep in mind many of our sofas are part of larger families, so chances are you’ll be able to find a matching footstool or chair to create a cohesive look.

If you’d like help at any step of the way, simply get in touch! We offer free style consultations, moodboarding, floor plans, and expert advice. Visit us in-store or book a consultation online to get started! 

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