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A Fresh Take on Spring Styling

The buds are bursting, there’s a softness in the air, and all at once everyone seems to be in a better mood. It must be spring! To ring in the season, we’re taking a look at how you can style your space to exude the fresh, colourful, and upbeat character of spring. Join us for a look at the patterns, hues, and fabrics of the moment, picking up inspiration along the way! 

Stripes: A Stylish Staple

If you’re looking to inject some added energy and charm into your space, stripes might be the perfect match for you. This season we can’t get enough of Cosy Linen in the Daffodil colourway! It’s a fabulously sunny, striped fabric with crisp yet creamy white against golden yellow. We think it looks especially vibrant on a grand scale, like covering our Noah sofa for a bold statement. 

Take it from Arlo's Creative Director, Michelle White: "Stripes are cool, classic, and can be playful when showcased in vibrant colours. For our spring shoot we paired Linwood's fresh, illustrative patterns in exuberant hues with the earthy, bobbly backdrop of our Cosy Linen stripe.”

Cosy Linen is a great option as we head into the spring, not least because of its predominantly linen composition. It’s a light fabric with a bit of added texture and practicality built in. Plus, linen is a material which not only looks and feels good, but helps to do good for our planet, too! It’s entirely natural, harnessing age-old methods which are designed around the rhythms of nature, using minimal intervention, a whole lot of sunshine, and negligible amounts of water.

Cosy Linen has proven itself as a perennial winner. Arlo’s Chief of Style, Julie Smith explains, "Our Cosy Linen fabric has long been a popular favourite in the Arlo fabric library. Its natural fibres and soft, textural quality exude depth and charm. This seemed the ideal base into which we could weave this season's chunkiest stripe, and so this special edition design was developed with our Belgian mill exclusively for Arlo" explains Julie Smith, Arlo’s Chief of Style.

Getting Original with Pattern

For a designer take on pattern, we couldn’t recommend Linwood enough! This fine fabric house has established itself as a staple of considered interiors, and we are all for it. We particularly love their Helter Skelter pattern in the Sprig colourway. It’s an airy yet characterful blend of colours with a dynamic yet peaceful design. We styled it on our Gertrude chair to create a pop of intrigue, though it would work equally well on just about any occasional chair in our range, as well as our footstools. 

Bringing the Energy

Because we are clearly fans of the Lindwood look, we couldn’t help mentioning their Pampas fabric in the glorious Saffron colourway! Once again, we’re looking to yellow this season for an upbeat, contemporary glow which will help to keep you coasting on that spring feeling all year long. We love the way this pattern jives along in an interlocking dance of warm white and golden yellow. Use it on personality pieces like our Bee footstool to add a bit of sunshine to any space!

Dressing it Up

If you love the look of bold patterns but are wondering how you could style them to suit your space, we’ve got a few tips. We’d advise pairing these crisp yet vibrant fabrics with textural neutrals like boulcé or pure linen. You can never go wrong by matching accents like throw cushions and footstools to the whites of these patterns, helping to calm down the look and give it added versatility. 

Want to see these styles in action? Pop into our showrooms and chat with a friendly style expert to craft the perfect spring look for you! If you can’t make it in person, simply schedule a free style consultation for a guided adventure through the wonderful world of pattern!