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Faces of Arlo: Lam Tang

With our brand new Solihull showroom freshly up and running, we took a moment to connect with Showroom Manager, Lam. With a natural knack for style, a track record in fashion, and a passion for the many little things which set Arlo apart, he’s the perfect ambassador for our brand. He brings a new point of view to what we do and a personal touch to our showroom floor. We can’t wait for you to meet him!

Arlo & Jacob Solihull

What brings you to Arlo?

I was ready for a change. I’ve worked in so many different industries and spent some time away from retail. I found myself missing those opportunities to build personal connections and help new faces with the fun life decisions. When I heard about the opportunity to work with Arlo, it felt like the perfect chance to dive back into that world and help set the stage for people to build beautiful memories! I couldn’t let it pass me by. 

Can you tell us more about what you were up to before you came to Arlo?

I got my degree in Journalism and went on to work in a few placements, writing stories on fashion, music, and local interest. I really loved covering fashion, in particular. I think I picked up a real love for it from my mother. She’s always had the most amazing personal style and from a young age I came to appreciate the consideration she put into every detail, from a beautiful handbag to the perfect perfume. I picked up the torch and got into styling as well! To this day I love helping my friends dress their best. It’s all thanks to my mum. She definitely passed on a passion for all things sartorial - in fact, my brother is a drag queen, so clearly she had an impact on the whole family!  

What other retail businesses have you worked for?

Too many to list! But I’ll give it a go. I’ve worked with fashion brands like The Kooples, AllSaints, Selfridges, John Lewis, and Diesel. Then I also spent time on the accessories and jewelry side with Tiffanys and TAG Heuer. I even dipped my toe into beauty with Procter & Gamble. 

Arlo & Jacob Solihull

What is it about the Arlo brand that sealed the deal for you?

It started with looking at the brand’s history. I love that Arlo is a modern brand that sits on a foundation of British tradition. It really does feel like a family company as well, with a true sense of closeness. The brand values certainly resonate with me, too. I really respect the fact that Arlo gives consideration to craftsmanship and sustainability, making the effort to use FSC timber and keep tabs on traceability. It all aligns with how I feel a brand should conduct itself!

What sort of parallels do you see between fashion and interiors? 

Both are means of cultivating and expressing individuality. There are also waves of trends that come up across both, which are interesting to dig a bit deeper on. When you look more closely, trends are often steeped in history, pulling from the archives and reviving distinctive styles. I feel they’re not there to be slavishly followed but can be valuable as sources of inspiration. Personally, I love diving into the archives and looking into what stylish men and women of the past were wearing to get new ideas. 

There are also investment pieces to be found on both fronts. I think it really pays to put time and resources into selecting a timeless, quality piece of furniture that will last - the same way one might choose a luxury handbag or jacket. With the sofa frames guaranteed for life, Arlo’s approach definitely aligns with this. These are all objects that become part of our lives and are in it for the long haul. They can become little bright spots in many days to come! 

How would you describe the experience of visiting our new Solihull showroom? 

To me it feels like a true boutique experience. It’s got a friendly and personal atmosphere for sure. Everyone who works here treats each customer like a friend and genuinely wants to get to know them in order to help them make the right design choices for their lifestyle and taste. It’s just a more fun and fulfilling experience for everyone that way! 

What’s your favourite interior style?

I guess you could call my style Scandi Luxe. I like clean lines and beautiful materials in a minimalist palette. Even the way I dress is a reflection of that. I tend to dress in something of a uniform, going for a simple black T and trousers with crisp white trainers. When it comes to interiors, I love to build upon that simplicity with rich textures like bouclé and tweedette. I love natural materials like wood as well - I definitely have a soft spot for light oak, which brings a softness and warmth to its environment.

Arlo & Jacob Solihull

Which fabrics do you gravitate towards? 

I love the Fuse fabric in Ecru. It’s a practical choice that’s durable and stands up to a bit of living, which is great. It’s also got a bit of an edge to its look, bringing drama and depth to a scheme. Although, Caprini gives it a run for its money! It’s just such a versatile fabric that looks great in all interiors and performs super well, too. As far as patterns, I generally go for a modern, graphic look. I love mixing a bit of colour blocking and texture to build up a scheme.

What makes Solihull a special spot? 

I live between Birmingham, West Brom and Dudley and have mostly worked in Birmingham and London. The difference with Solihull is it’s a true shopping destination. People come here to enjoy themselves and take in their surroundings. They’ve got the time and desire to chat and you can actually build relationships. It’s refreshing to have people coming in and asking you about your life! Solihull customers are curious about Arlo’s brand history and want to know more about what makes it different from the rest. They genuinely care and have an interest in what we are looking to do as well. It’s a breath of fresh air!

Finally, (and this is an original one!) what’s your favourite colour? 

Excellent question! I’d have to say Lilac. I never wear it but it makes me happy and that’s enough for me!We hope you’ll pop into our brand new Solihull showroom to strike up a chat with Lam and explore our designs! We guarantee you’ll be in very good hands.

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