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Table Top: Style&Minimalism


Vikki at Style&Minimalism is all about, well, you’ve guessed it, super chic style and minimal design. With a background in graphic design, Vikki went on to work as an art director in fashion and beauty and started her blog to help define her style. Here she tells us of her design inspirations, from Nordic magazines to plants called Barry…

The Coffee Table

I inherited my coffee table from my Mum. She was redesigning her living room and wanted something new. I could remember it from her first house when I was little and didn’t want to see it leaving the family so I took it even though at the time I had no where to put it. It’s a little bit marked and stained from use over the years but I quite like it that way, it also means I don’t fret if anyone spills anything on it.


Table Top, StylexMinimalism


The Books

I’m a graphic designer by trade and have my own business, which I run alongside my blog. I’m a huge fan of Monocle and have read their magazine for years, there’s always something useful in them so I bought this book recently to improve my business skills. Hidden underneath is The Kinfolk Home, it features a collection of inspirational slow-living homes from around the world. I sometimes use the Hay clips to bookmark pages.


The Books, StylexMinimalism


The Candles & Plant

I have candles and plants all over the house. The candles for chilly nights when you want to feel cosy at home. The plants because they make a house feel lived-in and prevent it from feeling too bare when I don’t have any flowers. This particular plant is from a little florist outside the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch and it’s called Barry (I was told recently you should always name your plants).


The Flowers

Talking of flowers, pale pink or white peonies, as well as white lilies are my favourites. There’s something quite special about walking in the house when I have lots of flowers dotted around the place. It smells nice and adds a feminine touch to my otherwise quite neutral home. I’ve used some miniature old milk bottles for these peonies; it feels casual and unstuffy presenting them in this way.


Flowers, StylexMinimalism


The Magazines

Inspiration for blog posts can come from anywhere and I find switching off and reading a good magazine works well for me. However, I often feel guilty kicking back and relaxing, as there’s always so much to do when you run a blog. I’m trying to re-educate myself at the moment that some ‘me time’ is actually beneficial to everything else I do. OAK The Nordic Journal covers everything from interior design to food to fashion, all with a Nordic vibe and both beautifully photographed and written. The Gentlewoman is also a favourite, with lots of articles about interesting people.


The Magazines, StylexMinimalism


The Teapot and Little Cups

A little while back my Mum gave me lots of lovely teas from T2 but I had nothing to brew them in. During a visit to Tiger I spotted this traditional Chinese cast-iron one. It’s inspired me to drink a lot more herbal tea and (more recently,) T2’s Milky Oolong tea. The little cups are from Emma Lacey, I prefer to drink herbal and Chinese teas out of little cups, a habit I picked up from my fiancé’s Mum and stuck.


The Teapot, StylexMinimalism