Table Top: Martha Mitchell


Today we’re welcomed into the world of talented illustrator and designer Martha Mitchell, founder of Martha Mitchell Design. From building terrariums to getting creative with Pantone postcards, we love hearing about her style and inspiration both in and out of the studio.

Moleskine diary

I would be completely lost without my diary! I have it with me at all times, and as you can see from the photo I write extensive lists to keep on top of things. People ask why I don't just use the calendar on my phone, but I prefer good old fashioned pen and paper and there is nothing quite like ticking things off a list! I bought my first Moleskine a few years ago and would now never go back to anything else.

Martha Mitchell Table Top


Terrariums, succulents and cacti

I started collecting cacti and succulents about 5 years ago and now have over 30 in my collection - I think it’s safe to say I am obsessed and am even attempting to grow them from seeds. I have them both at home and at my studio as I am now running out of space, so having to think of new ways to display them! I love how versatile they are and have even started making my own terrariums.

Martha Mitchell Table Top 2


Cactus World

For Christmas I received a subscription to 'Cactus World' which has opened up no end of new ideas! It is a delightful monthly magazine with so many stories from the world of cacti, which I am learning is pretty huge!

Martha Mitchell Table Top 3


Pantone postcards

Although when designing my collections I predominantly stick to black and white, I do love colour and these postcards are a vibrant addition to my coffee table. I’m struggling with actually sending any though as they look so perfect all together! My coffee table has a removable glass top so I am thinking about displaying a selection underneath but not sure how I would ever choose which ones to include.