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Table Top: Jeska Hearne


For this week’s Table Top, Jeska Hearne offers a stunning snippet from her magical world of interior blogging and invites us to take a look at her coffee table filled with curious trinkets and creative inspirations. Smouldering incense, vegetarian cook books and indi magazines are piled high on the apple crate coffee table to create that warming zen style which can be found in abundance on Jeska’s blog, Lobster and Swan.

Jeska Hearne Coffee Table


Although it often gets more overcrowded than this, we do try and keep our coffee table a little bit zen with our favourite incense bowl smouldering away most days. The table itself was incorporated into our living room off the cuff for a photo shoot about us and our new online store Future Kept. After we sold the enormous coffee table that came with us from our old apartment, we were suddenly scrambling for something more modest to take it’s place and this vintage apple crate was all we could find. Although it was supposed to be a temporary fix it’s still in the same spot almost a year later!

Jeska Hearne Blogger Coffee Table with Candle


Regularly on the table you will find our most used recipe books that get flicked through while we eat, ready to plan delicious meals for the next day. Green Kitchen travels and both of Anna Jones' books have recently been added to the pile for vegetarian cooking inspiration. We like to try and be as healthy as possible when days get busy with freelance work and running the shop. Although of late toast has been on the menu quite frequently.

Blogger Jeska Hearne Coffee Table


The other stack on the table will always be independent and interior magazines from around the world, Openhouse, In Clover, Cereal and Ernest Journal to name a few, it’s a habit I haven’t quite got a handle on yet, I do love beautiful pages like these. Along with all that paper, I seem to gather perfume samples form all over and leave them in a dish ready to try out, and we love to keep our green leaved friends close by, rotating members from our indoor plant gang around all the tables in the house, this week it’s cactus time!