Table Top: Hinchcliffe and Barber


This week, Georgia Hinchcliffe, daughter of original founders of Hinchcliffe and Barber, invites us to take a sneak peak of her coffee table. ‘After school’ style tea and toast, colouring pencils and old books evoke a real sense of nostalgia, and provide the perfect depiction of Georgia’s childhood memories.


Working from my home in Wiltshire is such a privilege, but this does mean I have to juggle caring for my one-year old and the quotidian life of running our homewares business. Nevertheless, this is a challenge I feel lucky to have. Her favourite little wooden arc animals are scattered all over the house, but look particularly pleasing against my new favourite paint colour Railings by Farrow & Ball. I really appreciate the depth and finish of their paints. I took this photo at about 6pm, my golden time when I like to sit down with a Chamomile or fresh Mint tea (today in our new stoneware Spongeware mug) and a bit of toast. Having tea and toast at this time is pure nostalgia as it reminds me of coming in from school ravenous!

My pantone book is never too far away. My mother (and business partner) has the newer set, but I love these as despite being 20 years old, remind me of the journey Hinchliffe & Barber has been on. It’s reassuring to have coloured pencils around me, course notebooks and lots and biros for scribbles and to-do lists. We also have piles of lifestyle magazine as I can’t quite bring myself to recycle them. Currently, I’m enjoying ‘The Simple Things’ magazine as it’s full of lovely pleasurable features such as cottage gardening and jumping in puddles. I move things around a lot, as what’s visually pleasing to me one day isn’t necessarily ‘right’ another day. However, one book that's never far away is Shaun Usher's compilation of letters - 'Letters of Note'. These fascinating and frank letters by the likes of Louis Armstrong and Raymond Chandler are definitely worth a read.