Table Top: Greenspiration with Pointless Plants

 Bring nature into your home with indoor plants from Pointless Plants. We spoke to plant expert and “greenpreneur” Nathan Raab about the best ways to style our homes one green step at a time.

The barriers to transforming your home into a plant-friendly haven have come down. A new generation of committed “greenpreneurs” have changed the gardening landscape through Instagram, E-commerce and advice books. Leading the charge is Nathan Raab, co-founder of indoor plant e-Store Pointless Plants and all-round greenspiration expert.
Since launching his business in February 2018, Raab’s mission has been to make indoor plants accessible to everyone. As a passionate plant lover, he spoke to Table Top about styling a home to feel brighter with plants.

Pointless Plants Arlo & Jacob Table Top Blog

Growing Appeal

Whether your ambitions are to grow an entire urban jungle or simply one bonsai, Raan recommends the same plant care principles: “I firstly advise don’t worry, there is always a plant species that can grow in every condition from shade to full sunlight,” he shares. “Don’t feel that your home limits your choices. I can assure you that plants are very strong and they will adapt to your home environment. You just need to consistent and remember to water and understand what light your plant prefers.”

Pointless Plants Arlo & Jacob Table Top Blog

Good Things Start Small

To create your own urban jungle, Raab recommends starting with smaller plants and building up your collection slowly. “My advice is to start small and watch your plant grow so you can build confidence. Commit, for example, to a smaller fig tree rather than a large one.”

For those who have limited space Raab advises exploring succulents because “they don’t take up a lot of space, or choose smaller varieties such as the Chinese money plant.”

Design-wise, an arrangement of smaller plants creates more depth, rather than "the more obvious choice of just including one large plant," he says. A fan of the classic tiered arrangement, he advises to build up layers of greenery with height. “Ultimately you want to create a tiered, terraced effect which creates more impact,” he says. One technique is to build height by arranging plants on a table and then feature a few medium plants in front.

Pointless Plants Arlo & Jacob Table Top Blog

The rise in rare plants

The growing popularity in rare house plants connects to home owners wanting to share a unique find. Rare plants represent exclusivity and "it impresses people to discover a plant that is different and beautiful," says Raab. We are also a generation of plant lovers who are fascinated by the origins of rare plants.

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Victorian Terrarium Revival

During the Victorian era, the discovering of new and exotic plants was highly prized. Notably Victorians loved showcasing their exotic finds in terrariums, greenhouses, Wardian cases and conservatories.

It was an era when the drawing-room was the centre of socialising and plants were displayed as a talking point. “They had elegant design and featured palms and orchids and wanted to impress people,” says Raab. “Plants were displayed with care and status."

“We have re-discovered plants as a talking point rather than something that is just left in a corner,” says Raab. He believes it’s a return back to Victorian aspiration, compared to a decade like the 1960s when indoor plants could be made from plastic.

Pointless Plants Arlo & Jacob Table Top Blog

Work & Life Balance

As a young pilot and entrepreneur, Raab balances his life between the technical and the spiritual. He also keeps on standby the humble yellow sticky notepad as a great way to record important objectives and goals. “I like using a notepad because Bill Gates created Microsoft using yellow note pad which he used to write all of his codings on.”

Naturally, he surrounds himself with terrariums and loves having plants close to his sofa, “which brings in a little bit of plant oasis to help ground me and help me to focus just by staring at it!”

There is also Raab’s inspiring collection of crystals kept in a pyramid which was specially made for him by an astrologer. “It’s supposed to help with energy and to synchronise your life,” he shares about the beautiful arrangement.

Other special possessions include a massive quartz and a small personalised notebook from Smythson. “I write an important life lesson and teachings in there with my best handwriting,” he shares.

Pointless Plants Arlo & Jacob Table Top Blog

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