Table Top: Charlotte at My British Home

Just like many of you, we use Instagram as a platform for inspiration. We got in touch with the lovely Charlotte at My British Home to ask for a snap of her styled coffee table. Charlotte has been renovating her family home over the past few years, and we love her elegant style that is both traditional with a distinctly contemporary twist. We think it’s the ultimate family home styling and she’s created a truly cosy environment, full of vivid colours, stand-out artwork and chunky, textured knits.

My British Home coffee table

Charlotte describes her coffee table as quite simple; “I don’t like clutter or things out on show that shouldn’t be there. It makes me feel uneasy”.

A styling tip we can totally get on board with, Charlotte has over 30 house plants dotted around her space, “with plans for a few more once I do my mini bathroom makeover. I just love the colour and life they bring to even the most practical space”. Indoor plants have a hugely positive impact on both your wellbeing as well as the overall ambience of your home. Not to mention they’re cheery and bring a sense of colour and depth to your interiors.

When thinking about your dividing up your living space, it’s sensible to think about zones and what they will be used for: creating cosy reading nooks is just as important as organising storage in your hallways. Lighting and candles can really help transform a space into a cosy corner that is designed for hunkering down and relaxing. Charlotte is a lover of candles and tells us; “I always have a scented candle, preferably a soy or coconut wax candle that is vegan-friendly and naturally scented. I don’t want to burn any nasties, especially with two young children in the house. I also love supporting small businesses rather than the big ones with candles.”

Also on her coffee table is a good interiors tome to inspire, telling us, “I’ve always got a home interiors book or magazine on the go for inspiration and also, to be honest, to have a good nose at what other people own. This book is my current read when I’m not binge-watching Suits or scrolling through Instagram!”

For a personal touch, “a mug of tea, it’s my go-to drink. I can’t start the day without it, and I get a bit excited at the thought of a cuppa! I like my tea with soya milk, and definitely more milk rather than less! I hate a strong, bitter tea! My mugs are always huge too. I can’t be doing with small mugs of tea. My mugs at home have to look good. If it’s got gold or polka dots on, that’s a huge bonus! In fact, the last two items, show my love of metallic and dark colours around the home. I love how cosy and rich dark colours with pops of gold and brass look.”

Thanks for sharing a little snapshot of your home with us Charlotte. Be sure to follow @my_british_home for more interiors inspiration and to follow her home renovation story.

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