Removable Cover Sofas

Whether you’re a fan of the slouchy, relaxed look, or just want the freedom to change colour and cover when you want, our removable cover sofas sound like they’re perfect for you. Ideal for families who want to wash their sofa covers or update them from season to season. Best suited to our linen and cotton fabrics, our removable cover sofas are the ultimate in relaxed style and design.

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Harriet Sofa

Delivering a huge helping of comfort, our Harriet sofa is the most sumptuous, sink-all-the-way-in, cosy sofa you’ll find. Slump into the feather-filled back cushions and feel like you’re being enveloped by a duvet.

Harriet Chaise Sofa

The Harriet chaise sofa is the most sumptuously soft, sink-all-the-way-in chaise sofa in our range. The seriously cosy, feather-filled back cushions will surround you as you sink back and relax.

2 Item(s)