Meet the Maker – Victoria Knew, Winner of Future of Textile Competition


As part of our ‘Future of Textile’ competition we sought out the hottest new talent in print design, with the winning print being that of Nottingham Trent University student Victoria Knew. Victoria’s stunning winning fabric named ’Echo Velvet’ was created specifically to pair with our retro Emilia cocktail chair. We sit down with Victoria and find out about her design inspirations and plans for the future.

Victoria Knew, Fabric Competition Winner


What made you study textiles at university?

I first studied textiles at GCSE and A Level, it was always something I wanted to continue learning and progress with. I never grew tired of textiles and always felt inspired by the subject, which is why I chose to study it further at university, I always felt there was something new I could learn, make or design - and I still feel that way now.

What made you enter the Arlo & Jacob Future of Textile competition?

In our second year, as part of the course, Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University run a variety of ‘live brief’ competitions to introduce the students to working alongside industry professionals. After reading into the different companies who were taking part, I chose Arlo & Jacob’s competition brief. You’re a new company with a fresh, modern and enthusiastic vibe, who were keen to explore what the design students of the future had to offer.

How did you find your placement at the factory? Did this help you progress your design further?

The placement was a brilliant experience; I got involved with all aspects of the design process from experiencing the design and manufacturing of furniture to helping prep photoshoots for the website – everything I experienced gave me a great insight into working within the design industry.
Once a print had been chosen from my portfolio, I sat with the fabric designers to discuss colour ways and fabric types which would suit the look and design of the company – this is when ‘Echo Velvet’ was created.

What inspires your work?

I’m greatly inspired by the natural world, sourcing ideas from the patterns and colours I see around me. Nature always produces beautiful colour combinations which I love to incorporate within my own work. I gain inspiration for my own paintings from artists such as Cy Twombly and Bobbie Burgers – who both have a free and abstract feel about their work, using large brush strokes to evoke texture and movement.

What are you plans for the future?

I would definitely love to secure a job designing prints and fabrics in the interior design industry – over the last 3 years I have realised this is where my passion lies. Fingers crossed it all works out!