Materially Speaking: Velvet

Plush, luxurious and long-associated with opulence (and Austin Powers’ magnificent suits);  velvet is one of our best-loved and best-selling fabrics. But not all velvets are created the same.


The name ‘velvet’ actually refers to the weave of the fabric rather than the composition. In theory velvet can be made from any fibre. Contrary to belief, velvet is very durable and robust. Its appearance depends on the length of the pile - short creates a matt finish, while long gives an opulent sheen. 

Read on for a guide to one of most popular sofa fabrics.


The biggest plus point for Aqua Velvet is its stain resistant powers. With a thicker pile than most other velvet fabric, Aqua Velvet can be easily cleaned at home to deal with the spills and stains that everyday life will inevitably throw at it. A cloth and some warm water will fix everything from wine and coffee to food stains.


This fabric is designed to  age to create a vintage look over time. The pile it's made up of is of a medium length that will gently crush to produce a worn in look over time. Cotton velvet works well on our Sephy chair and footstool, Grace, Robin and Zachary sofas. 


Italian Velvet is made with a thick, soft pile that creates a sheen. As a natural fabric this velvet will crush and gently age to give a lived-in look over time. Made in Italy, as the name might suggest and synonymous with high-end luxury furnishings.


With its deep, thick pile, Luxury Velvet sits in the same category as Italian Velvet. Soft, deep and plush, this velvet will also crush with age to produce a worn-in look, however the fibres used to make the velvet produce a matte finish. 

For more information about our sofas and velvet choices talk to one of our sofa gurus - sadly, not decked out in full Austin Powers velvet suits, but every bit as charming!

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