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What Sofa Size is Right for my Room?

1. Size Before you Buy

When choosing a sofa, it’s key to consider proportions. In a large or high-ceilinged room, it works best to opt for a statement sofa with a high back such as our Ferdinand to ensure it carries some gravitas. In a more compact space, your sofa will be a natural focal point, so choose a smaller one with a strong design like Sephy. Keep in mind, a low-backed sofa pairs perfectly with low ceilings as it gives the illusion of height.

2. Placement

Consider where in the room you want your sofa to sit. If there are doorways nearby, ensure doors can open fully. What other furniture will you have in the room? If you’re opting for side tables, factor this into the space you’ll need overall. With a coffee table, allow about 16 inches of distance from the sofa for maximum ease and comfort.

Top tip: Think you’ve found the one? Lay out newspaper to the same dimensions of the sofa in the intended spot to see how it will feel spatially.

3. Through the Door

Measure, measure, and measure again! This doesn’t just apply to the entrance to the room; remember, you have to get your new sofa through the door, around any awkward corners, and perhaps even up or down stairs. Many of our sofas have removable legs, and some even have removable arms, making getting comfy that little bit easier.