Get the Look: Beach House Design and Décor Ideas

For those who love that beach house look, this Get The Look will provide you with tips and tricks to get the right design through your décor and furniture.

stripe denny small sofa with blue and yellow accessories

We all love heading to the beach house, don't we? This Get The Look is dedicated to those who want to keep that summer, holiday relaxing feeling all year round. The right choice of beach house style furniture and décor will bring that flavour to your house in no time.

Step one: you're going to need bright wall paint and furniture that reflects summer's sunshine. So leave the black in the attic. Bring out the blues and the whites with a subtle hint of sunny yellow to get that real beach house design. The latter colour is perfect on walls to warm up the room immediately. Furniture wise, the rule is keeping it bright. The stunning white and blue chest of drawer from Horchow, topped up with the porcelain vase table lamp from Trentham will do the trick. A simple, white wash basket can also offer much-needed storage space while adding a touch of summer.

After that, it's time to accessorise: add some blue touches with a delicate kettle blue clock and make it funky with the beautiful mosaic place set from Amara.

Now time for the centrepiece of beach house furniture. A Denny in Jenson Stripe - Denim, white and blue (of course) for the ultimate beach house feel. Now whatever the season, grab a throw, sink in the couch and relax in the vibes of your perfectly designed room

1) White Wash Water Hyacinth Round Log Basket
£22 – The Basket Company

2) Pom Pom Knitted Throw
£69 – M&S

3) Yellows
From £37.50 – Paint and Paper Library

4) Newgate Cookhouse Clock in Kettle Blue
£65 –

5) Pols Potten Mosaic Plates Set of 4
£35 – Amara

6) Trentham Vase Table Lamp in Porcelain Yellow
£414 – Vaughan

7) Forget-Me-Not Hand Painted Ceramic Pitcher 3/4lt
£24.09 – Urbanfolk

7) Bubbles Crystal Tumbler
£4.99 – Zara Home

8) Latessa Inlay Chest
£1,125 - Horchow

Design Tip: Shabby chic storage will add to the luxury beach house feel.

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