Home Décor Ideas: Compact Chairs That Are Perfect For Small Spaces

 Small space living demands smarter furniture and nothing is evolving faster than the compact chair. Discover why compact chairs are the perfect solution for small spaces.

Why let small-space living cramp your style? As more people move into smaller abodes we’ve quickly learned that every inch counts. Despite the shrinking trend, you can still make your home feel more spacious with a clever compact chair.

More than any other piece of furniture, chairs have the ability to bring personality and functionality to a room. In addition, the right compact chair can make any space more efficient and stylish with hidden storage. Explore our guide to finding the perfect small-space friendly chairs.

The compact emilia pink velvet cocktail chair works as a small space solution

A cocktail chair creates maximum impact

Create warmth whilst maximising space with a cocktail chair. Further, the smaller the space the more important the quality of materials and details. Consider the elegant Emilia a bespoke cocktail chair that is small but still very stylish in a premium velvet. Its characterful design makes a visual impact but without taking over a room. Plus, a quality fabric will instantly elevate a tiny room.

The stella armchair suits a compact space

Small vintage-inspired chair equals big personality

A vintage inspired compact chairs lends an air of attainable luxury. Why not have big ambitions for a small space by including the Stella armchair? Inspired by a 1950’s Danish style, it’s a creative way to add opulence whilst still optimising your space.

clara chair is a small space solution

Slim-armed but full bodied

Make a small space look elegant and effortless with a slim-armed chair. By selecting a chair with a narrow frame and refined arms, it takes up minimal space. Our elegant Clara was designed in response to the needs of small space living and neatly fits into narrow nooks.

the compact vesper green velvet cocktail chair is a perfect small space solution

Seat and Storage Solution In One

If your main objective is to create plenty of storage don’t forget to include a multi-functional chair that includes a storage compartment. It’s a smart way to keep clutter out of sight and make your furniture function as both seating and storage.

Earnshaw mid-century chair

Good things do come in small packages and a compact chair is the insider’s trick to elevating a small interior. It anchors a room, provides comfort and showcases our personality.

The slim frame of the mid-century inspired Earnshaw offers petite proportions, which are tailored to maximise your living space. Embraces the positive aspects of living small by focusing on premium fabrics, materials and some clever chair design.
It’s a less-is-more approach that with clever furniture will make a diminutive room feel elevated. Ultimately, the right compact chair will make any tiny floorplan feel grand in comfort and style.

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