Home Décor Ideas: 5 of the best uses for a footstool

Here at Arlo & Jacob we never overlook the importance of a footstool. A footstool is an incredibly versatile and useful piece of furniture that has multiple uses for all over your home. We love seeing people get creative with our footstools, which come in a vast range of shapes, styles, heights and sizes. Here, we discuss five of the best uses for a footstool, giving you ideas for how you can work them into your home.

Child's seat

Tommy footstool

A footstool makes the perfect seat for little ones. It’s the right height from the floor for their shorter legs and will help them feel especially important having their own spot to sit in the room. Our favourite footstool that doubles as a child’s seat is our Tommy. Upholster it in a brightly coloured, durable fabric, or even have a few either side of a little table for when you are required to play ‘tea-parties’. Plus, they’re useful to keep in the playroom or to have on hand when friends with children come over to visit.


Tabitha footstool

It’s the obvious choice, but our footstools make the perfect partners to our sofas and chairs. If you haven’t got enough room for a chaise sofa, a footstool is a great way of providing a footrest at a slightly lower level to your seat. They can be pushed out of the way when you need more floor space, and if they’re small enough, can even be stored underneath a sofa out of sight.

Side table

Bennet footstool

A footstool also makes a smart side table. Pop on a coaster and a couple of books, and you’ll find a footstool like our Bennet acts as a gorgeous side table. Match it with your sofa fabric, or choose a fabric that will stand out. What’s more, when you have extra people come to visit, you can clear the top and Bennet still serves as a comfortable place to sit.

Pet bed

Otway footstool

We love the idea of using our footstools as a posh pet bed for your furry friends. Upholstered in a resilient fabric that can withstand dirt and fur, our footstools will have your companions feeling like royalty. We think the Otway, with its smooth, flat top is the perfect size and shape for a pet bed.

Storage coffee table

Pip storage footstool

The larger, ottoman style footstools make an ideal coffee table, and with the option of storage, you can easily store DVDs, books and magazines out of sight, keeping your space clutter-free. Our Pip footstool is an excellent choice if you want both storage and a coffee table style footstool.

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