Home Décor Ideas: How to Choose A 3 Seater Sofa For The Office

Working from home, home businesses, freelancing and remote working is certainly on the rise. For many of us, our spare room doubles as a home office, where we work from home. This space needs to be functional, practical and conducive to a productive working environment, but that’s not to say it can’t also be a multifunctional and comfortable space in your home. Our top tip is to think about all the uses this room will have; will it solely be an office, or will it double as a spare bedroom, a guestroom, a music room or a quiet reading room? A 3 seater sofa for the office is a smart choice that can transform the room into a multifunctional and most importantly, comfortable space – because let’s face it, we all need to take a break from work every once in a while.

henry large chaise sofa

Three seater sofa beds

Perhaps the most obvious choice to introduce into a home office is a three seater sofa bed. Not only will the sofa provide a comfortable place to pause and relax when you’re taking a break from work, but the sofa bed will mean you can comfortably accommodate guests when they come to stay and provide them with their own room. We have a range of three seater sofa beds, but two of our most popular include the Bertie large sofa bed (plus, the sofa bed comes in a chaise and corner style sofa), and the contemporary Pembroke sofa bed.

Bertie sofa and sofa bed

Compact three seater sofas

In most homes, the spare room or home office is likely the smallest room in the house. Despite being small, it should still provide you with a level of comfort and tranquillity. If you have a small home office, consider the option of a compact sofa for the space. With slimmer proportions and narrower seat cushions, compact sofas are just as comfortable as other styles, but allow for more surrounding floor space in tight fit rooms: ideal for when you already have to accommodate a desk, storage, shelving and a work chair.

Ferdinand pink chaise sofa

Three seater chaise & corner sofas

When choosing a 3 seater sofa for the office, remember to consider various styles and shapes. Most home offices will be ‘box-rooms’, so a chaise sofa or corner sofa will fit perfectly into the shape of the room: jutting up against the wall, leaving plenty of surrounding space. Both chaise and corner three seater sofas come as left and right hand facing (LHF/RHF) which is ideal when considering whereabouts in the room and which wall the sofa should back up against. You also don’t want the chaise piece to be stuck out in a natural walking path, so definitely not cutting across an entranceway or door. The Ferdinand three seater corner sofa is ideal for a home office as the seat and frame are narrow, but there’s still plenty of space to stretch out and relax after a hard day's work. For the ultimate comfortable three seater sofa, the Henry chaise has a feather-wrapped fibre seat cushion that doubles as a perfect daybed for snoozing.

Read our blog if you want to find out more about the various sizes and styles of other three seater sofas.

Ferdinand compact corner sofa

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