Home Décor Ideas: 3 Seater Sofa Ideas for a Living Room

Like Goldilocks’ porridge, picking a sofa is something you want to get ‘just right’. A sofa is an investment for your home, so if you’re considering making a purchase, you want to go for quality and longevity. If you’re a couple who are considering having a family in the future, why not consider up-sizing from a two-seater that would serve the two of you now, to a three seater sofa that will last your family a lifetime. If you’re still struggling to decide between a two or three seater sofa, read our advice on choosing a sofa size.

Where a two seater sofa is just a bit too small, and a four-seater is too large for your space; a three seater sofa could be just what you’re looking for. We like to think of our three seater sofas as the perfect middle ground; a two-seater sofa can often feel a little cramped in a family home, and a grande, four seater sofa may provide too much space, or be a struggle to fit into smaller living rooms, or through tight hallways.

crawford large pink modular 3 seater sofa

How to choose a three seater sofa?

Here are some three seater sofa ideas for a living room. Generally classed as our large sized sofas, three seaters still come in a variety of sizes, so there’s no reason you need to rule them out if you’re tight on space. Consider a compact three seater sofa like our Earnshaw or Ferdinand, which has slightly shallower proportions. It’s also worth considering the seat style you prefer. Three seater sofas have two different seat styles, either a single bench cushion which runs from one end to the other or three individual seat cushions (one for each person). You should factor in the seat style when you’re comparing three seater sofas ideas for a living room.

earnshaw large grey sofa

Different three seater sofa styles

Just like most sofas, a three seater sofa comes in a variety of designs, so there’s a style to cater to all homes. Not to mention, there are compact three seater sofas which are ideal for narrow spaces, as well as extra-deep designs which are perfect for rooms with a grander-scale. If you’re looking for a traditional three seater sofa, we would highly recommend our Johnston large sofa and our Cartwright large sofa. If you prefer contemporary designs, take a look at our Bertie large sofa, and our Crawford large sofa.

johnston large three seater sofa

What to pair with a 3 seater sofa?

Once you’ve made your decision on style, you’ll need to think about all the other pieces to pair with it, so here are some 3 seater sofa ideas for a living room. Unless you have a particularly sizeable living room, a three seater sofa is a fairly large piece that will take up quite a bit of space. Therefore we recommend pairing it with a footstool or armchair to maximise surrounding floor space. A footstool/ottoman like our Hastings is ideal for pairing with a three seater sofa thanks to its width and height. The large Hastings would sit beautifully in front of a three seater sofa like our large Morse. Alternatively, opt for a stunning high back armchair like our Gertrude or Isabella in either a complimentary or standout, contrasting fabric to your sofa. This will help to make the room more of a social environment. If you’re struggling to work out how to best layout your living room, have a read of our blog on how to arrange furniture with a TV.

Hastings large floral footstool perfect for working on home self-isolation

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