Know How: Tips for moving your sofa when you move house

Spring, and the month of May, in particular, is the most popular time in the UK to move home. It’s an exciting, stressful, and hectic time that can see you living out of boxes for months on end. If you’re planning on buying or selling your home and moving to a new property, you’ll want to consider the implications of moving your biggest items of furniture, namely your sofa. Moving your sofa into a new home is settling and helps bring a little of your old home with you. It will also provide that sense of normality when everything around you feel pretty chaotic.

When you’re viewing your new property, it’s a good idea to carry a tape measure with you. Measure all the doorways that lead to the living room and note any wall fixtures and radiators that may cause obstructions. Note down these measurements so you can reference them when you get home to check if your sofa will fit.

Consider any stairs that lead to the property, lifts, gates and narrow pathways. You can download and print our handy Size Guide to help you note down the measurements in your new property and establish whether your sofa will fit.

If all your sofa measurements check out, then fantastic, your sofa will be right at home in your new property.

Here are our tips for safely wrapping your sofa before moving day:

  1. Unscrew the feet/castors and wrap them in bubble wrap (be sure to keep all screws somewhere safe)
  2. Unhook any joining units such as the chaise or corner piece – don’t try to move them in one go and risk damaging the hinges
  3. Take off loose seat cushions and pack separately
  4. Cover with clean towels, sheets or plastic wrapping to avoid damaging the fabric
  5. Always lift the sofa. Never drag it along the floor.

Too big or too small?

If your old sofa is too large to fit in your new home, have no fear. Moving house is a fantastic time to invest in a new sofa that will be there for all of life’s moments in your new home. If you’re downsizing, consider our compact sofa range, with slimmer, narrower proportions. If you’re upsizing your family home, then you may want to look at our large range of corner sofas to make full use of all that extra space.

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