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Lazy Sunday: 5 Best Sofa Slouching Classic Movies on Netflix


There really is no better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than snuggled up on the sofa with your favourite pal Netflix. Here’s a round up of the best classic movies on offer for a truly nostalgic day of sheer laziness (and perhaps some questionable acting).

Chesterfield Sofa Upholstered in Purple Italian Velvet Fabric

Wuthering Heights, 1970

Take a seat on our traditional Darcy Sofa and be transported to rural Victorian England, where Emily Bronte’s intense story of love and revenge between Heathcliffe and Catherine comes to life.

To Kill a Mockingbird, 1962

It is hard to beat this Oscar-winning adaptation of a critically acclaimed novel by Harper Lee. Prepare to be moved by this story of Atticus Finch defending an innocent black man in the prejudiced American Deep South, great for all the family.

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, 1969

This iconic American Western has everything you could want from a great thriller. Based on a true story, there’s shoot outs, robberies, a love affair and a remarkable friendship as Butch and the Sundance Kid escape from the law to Bolivia.

Manhattan, 1979

If an old-fashioned love story is what you’re after, this black and white Woody Allen romantic comedy is the perfect solution. Set in a picturesque New York City scene, follow the troubles of a writer who is torn between his young lover and his best friend’s mistress.

It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946

Get comfy with the whole family on our Philo Chaise Sofa this winter to watch this quintessential post-roast movie to get you excited for Christmas. Despite its troubled start as George contemplates suicide, his guardian angel guides him to realise how much he has impacted those around him, making for a happy ending when he joins his family on Christmas day.