How to choose your sofa

A guide to choosing your sofa

Sofas are a big part of our life at home; they can be a playground for the kids, your best friend on a relaxed night in, and a fantastic piece of furniture that accommodates your friends or family. Choosing the right sofa isn't an exact science. It’s a combination of practicality, instinct, but really, it’s about love. So, once you’ve found the one, there are a few practicalities to consider.

Crawford modular corner sofa

Sofa Size

When assessing what size sofa will work for you, consider obvious things, like if you’ll be able to get the sofa into the room and how much space you want to leave for other pieces of furniture or decorations. It’s better to visualise this in a way that physically takes up space in the room, rather than mere measurements.

To help visualise this, place newspapers on the floor according to the measurements of your sofa to understand how much space will be left for you. The room dimensions are obviously important too; go for a compact or rounded back sofa for small rooms to give it a soft, cosy feeling, and high back options for larger rooms for a sense of subtle grandeur.

Earnshaw compact corner sofa

Sofa Shape

Sofa size has a lot to do with your lifestyle; do you often have friends over for a drink? If so, rounded back sofas give a warm, friendly environment. Having mainly family members around? A classic sofa (like Montague or Mowbray) works wonders; simplicity does its magic here. Want to split a big living room into two separate areas, or have an awkwardly shaped living room? L-Shaped sofas are great for spaces like this, and can naturally segment a room brilliantly.

fabric samples

The Fabric

At Arlo & Jacob we have over 120+ fabrics to choose from. That’s because they make a massive difference not only to the way your sofa will look, but also how much maintenance it will need. Re-upholstery is always an option if you had your sofa for long time but it’s not necessarily a cheap one. Try to get the right fabric to start with and consider using Staingard (a fabric protector that will keep your sofa safe against stains and spills) so you can enjoy your movie night and not have a care in the world.

We offer a 5-year fabric upholstery care plan that covers accidental damage, accidental staining and a care kit. With a genuine 'Clean, Repair or Replace' policy, a true life saver when needed.

Order free swatches to have a touch and feel of your chosen fabric and consider your lifestyle again: do you have kids & pets running around? In these cases, it’s best not to opt for a delicate velvet sofa fabric!

cartwright sofa chaise

Sofa Style

This one comes down to personal taste. Regardless of the fabric, or the dimensions of the room, you’re going to want a sofa that reflects your personality.

Do you like modern, contemporary styles? Go for Mowbray or Balthasar sofas, their minimal style sounds perfect for you. Or if you’re lusting over classic retro, then our Elton sofa sounds just right. Sofas are a significant piece of furniture; make sure they are in line with your style and taste.

Dixon large raspberry sofa

Sofa Colour

Do you want your sofa to blend in naturally with the room, or do you want to create a striking colour contrast with the rest of the furniture to draw attention to it? As always, coordinate with your personal style and the style of the room as a whole.

making a chair frame

Sofa Frame

Sofas are investments for life, and the frames form the skeleton of that investment. Make sure you check how their frame is made to ensure they will be good value for money and won’t need replacing shortly after. We offer a lifetime guarantee as a proof that we don’t compromise on quality.

bardolph scatter back sofa

Sofa Back

We know this may not come straight to your mind but there are options here too; go for a scatter-back sofa for maximum comfort and style or plain if you’re going for simplicity and minimalism.


The ultimate solution for all the sofa lovers: come visit us in our showroom and feel your sofa for yourself! At our showroom, we have every model available for testing, and all the fabrics too. The choice will become much clearer when seeing your sofa face to face, unless you decide to walk away with them all.