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Know-How: How to choose a corner sofa left or right hand facing

We all love corner sofas for comfort and versatility, but which way should it face? And what does LHF, and RHF mean? Here we explain the differences and whether you should choose a corner sofa left or right-hand facing.


Corner Sofa Left Or Right-Hand Facing: Key Research and Measuring

Choosing between corner options is all about balance in the room, along with off-course measurements (your corner sofa has to fit). Following these simple steps to assure your new sofa is compatible with your floorplan and room flow:

1. To position your corner against a wall, then the corner unit's longest part needs to be up against the longest part of the wall.
2. Alternatively, if your corner sofa is positioned away from a wall, and cutting across the room, you need to allow for plenty of space to move freely past it.
3. We recommend creating a mock-up of your room using some paper to try the sofa in a few positions before making your purchase.
4. Choosing between a left or right hand corner sofa is particularly useful if you have a wall obstruction such as radiators, doorways and windows.
5. Further, by having different lengths to the corner sofa sides, it gives you more flexibility when it comes to placement.


What does LHF and RHF mean?

‘LHF’ is an abbreviation of ‘Left Hand Facing’ Corner Sofa. ‘RHF’ means ‘Right Hand Facing’ Corner Sofa.
Here’s the important bit: when you’re looking at the sofa front on (not from a sitting position) the LHF or RHF refers to the longest piece of the sofa.
"Corner sofas create an amazing space for family and friends to come together," shares Laura Barnard from Arlo & Jacob. "Planning is vital to ensuring your furniture faces the right way and suits your space."

Here’s a visual representation from a standing position looking towards the sofa:

Left Hand Facing Corner Sofa


Right Hand Facing Corner Sofa


Equal Corner Sofa

If the corner sofa doesn’t state left hand facing or right-hand facing, it means it's equal in length on both sides and will be the same whichever corner it is placed in.

Below is an example of an equal corner sofa in the form of our classic Pembroke:


Looking for some Corner Sofa Home Décor Ideas?

If you don’t think a corner sofa is right for your space, have you considered a chaise sofa? Please take a look at our chaise sofas here. They also come in left and right hand facing styles too.
For more sofa research use our comprehensive Sofa Buying Guide to make your comparisons.
Further, for information on cleaning your sofa, consider Staingard, we offer their protection service under our Complete Guide to Sofa Care.

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