What your sofa says about your personality?

Arlo&Jacob 5th Birthday Showroom Competition

Discover what our best-selling sofas say about you!

According to our interior experts, your favourite sofa speaks volumes about your style. Whether you are a fan of mid-century, modern or traditional sofas, the sofa you prefer says a lot about your lifestyle and personality. As we celebrate our 5th birthday, explore our top five best-selling sofas and discover what each style reveals about its owners.
Read on, and find out.

Henry owners are travel seekers

What your sofa says about you Henry sofa owners love travel

If you have succumbed to the charms of Henry than your style soul mate is truly Scandinavian. You value a modern lifestyle that is connected to well-being and nature. Although your home is effortlessly stylish, it's grounded in harmonious shades and materials. Henry’s soft, malleable cushioning appeal to someone who likes being tactile and hands-on with cooking, craft and gardening. How something feels is critical to you. As too travel experiences that are inspiring and expands your imagination.

Poirot suits luxury lovers

Poirot Sofa is a staycation delight with its botanic print

Owners of the Poirot sofa love the essence of English craft, worldliness and grand portions. However, rather than being excessively opulent, Poirot owners naturally gravitate towards understated elegance. Both curious and observant, you genuinely love cultural events, but also curling up on the sofa and reading Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror and the Light. You appreciate life’s quiet luxuries like pouring over a good book, watching films and planning your upcoming holiday. A peaceful moment on the Poirot remains comfortably your ideal way of re-charging in-between juggling family and career.

Philo attracts design addicts

Philo attracts design addicts

Design enthusiasts love the best-selling Philo for its optimistic, streamlined aesthetic. Its clean lines inspired by the mid-century period (c.1940-1970) reveal a warm personality excited about art, design, architecture and publishing. You have a magpie sensibility and are consistently on the hunt for the next design treasure. Visiting antique markets and car boots sales is one of your favourite pastimes. All the more when you’re resting on the Philo, you can invest hours pouring over Instagram, Pinterest, 1stdibs, magazines and coffee table books looking for the next design inspiration.

Ferdinand fans love the thrill of the new

Ferdinand compact sofa is all about the new

Owners of the Ferdinand are a mix of style connoisseur and anthropologist. They cherish the history of design and researching all the great architects, but there is, in addition, a side to them that loves socialising. Out of all our bestsellers, the Ferdinand attracts a mix of generations who are forever young. You appreciate creativity from the perspective of an incredible art exhibition, but spending time with family and friends is as important. You are never one to look backwards, instead discovering a contemporary artist, restaurant, hotel or fashion label is constantly a thrill.

Cartwright attracts a WhatsApp connected hostess

cartwright floral velvet sofa

What you instantly notice about Cartwright is a tremendous family all-rounder. It appeals to a natural hostess who loves dividing her life with their family and socialising. With its deep proportions, Cartwright represents an elegant but versatile option where you can accommodate everyone on the one sofa. It suits a social media loving hostess hot on her WhatsApp inviting friends over for coffee, BBQs, birthday parties and impromptu cocktail parties. You love that your Cartwright is elegant enough to host a party but it undoubtedly works in the day-to-day of family life too.

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