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What is a Modular Sofa?

Those on the hunt for new furniture will be hearing the term all over the place - but may find themselves wondering, what is a modular sofa, really? Arguably a modular sofa gives you the most flexibility out of all the sofa designs. A modular sofa is comprised of individual seat units, corner, and chaise pieces that clip together at the base, allowing you to build a sofa to your desired specifications.

With individual modular units you can build a large U-shaped seating area that’s ideal for a modern open-plan living space. You can also build an eclectic seating-scape using a selection of fabrics that reflect your style.

Otto Modular Sofa

Otto comes in various pre-configured moduar sizes, along with individual units to build the shape you want from scratch or to add to your pre-existing sofa design. The Otto is the ideal sofa for large expanses of space like modern open-plan living areas. Each piece clips together using little brackets under the seat units. See our contemporary chairs that are perfect to partner with our modular sofas.

Otti Modular Sofa

If you’re a fan of the Otto but prefer a shallower seat depth, you’ve found your answer in Otti! It’s got the same streamlined look and ultra-flexible formatting with a more compact footprint. The neater size makes Otti all the more adaptable, as you can build the sofascape of your dreams using smaller increments.

Ralf Modular Sofa

Ralf is a fantastically versatile modular sofa that combines style and comfort beautifully. It may look like one harmonious piece of furniture, but it’s actually quite a combo! You can keep it classic with a standard sofa format, or throw in a curve ball with a corner configuration. The beauty of this design is that you can buy it in pre-configured shapes, which makes it extra easy to pick your perfect fit!

Finn Modular Sofa

The Finn sofa is one of those contemporary, comfortable styles that works in any interior. With exceptionally plush seat cushions, it’s a modular sofa suitable for any home. The sky’s the limit, thanks to stand-alone filler units that allow you to remix your seating as you wish! Be sure to explore our matching Finn loafer and snuggler to maximise the look. 

Hugo Modular Sofa

Hugo’s got the look of a classic, fixed format sofa with all the adaptability of a modular design. Corner and filler units make it simple to build out the seating arrangement that works best for your space and lifestyle. Complete with a timeless, versatile style, Hugo is a real winner!

Zachary Modular Sofa

Zachary is a modular sofa with midcentury appeal. The structured format gives it a neat, formal look, with slim arms and individual buttoned back cushions. Add a corner unit to maximise your floorplan or pop on a loafer to create a bit of extra legroom. The world is your oyster with Zachary!