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What are
the Different
Armchair Styles

A beautifully made chair can be a true secret weapon in creating a living space which combines style and substance to stunning effect. A well placed armchair can help to balance an interior, plus provide a bonus place to perch. We recommend getting creative with your floorplan, using our chairs to maximise functional space and create a convivial environment. To help you take your pick, we’re breaking down the different styles of chair that we offer. From heritage detailing to sleek silhouettes, there’s sure to be a seat for you! So, let’s get into it…

Classic Chairs 

Our classic armchairs are the trusty, supportive designs which one might find in a cosy pub with a contemporary style update! We look to models like the Chesterfield for inspiration, often bringing in buttoned backs and substantial, sloping arms. These designs tend to have a larger footprint than more modern models, so may require a bit of extra space. Our Hartfield armchair works particularly well in country style homes and cottages when upholstered in wool or cotton fabrics. Alternatively, you can make a statement with a crisp linen or bold velvet, suited to a sophisticated townhouse. That’s the beauty of having a wealth of upholstery options at your fingertips: you can always tailor our designs to suit your space!

Cocktail Chairs 

If you’re looking to max out on style but haven’t got all the space in the world, a cocktail chair could be the perfect addition to your living space. Their petit footprints and bold stylistic qualities allow them to make a serious impact while fitting neatly into alcoves or nipped up near a fireplace. These styles will generally be engineered for comfort, with rounded backs and bonus cushioning that make them the perfect places to kick back after a big day. To find out exactly what we mean, check out our Vesper chair for a small but mighty style boost!

Modern Chairs

A modern style armchair generally has sharper, angular lines as opposed to curved, rounded edges. It often comes with fresh features, like loose or removable covers, and straighter, slim tapered legs, or a short and boxy base. Check out our Sofia and Rex models if you’re looking to update your home with a bit of contemporary flavour. 

Mid-Century Chairs

If you’re a lover of sleek designs in rich materials (and who can blame you), a mid-century armchair is a spectacular choice to tie your interior together. They also look exceptional standing on their own, so make a great option for bedrooms and hallways. With generally much lower backs than many earlier styles, a mid-century chair has a structured shape, with curved or sabre style arms. The perfect examples of stunning mid-century armchairs are our Clara and Ferdinand. With neat arms and shallow backs, they exude mid-century style.Another traditional and all-around classic is a Chesterfield armchair. Just like the classic Chesterfield sofa, a chesterfield armchair has a buttoned back and large, elegant scroll arms. It’s a much larger chair than many simpler designs, so requires enough surrounding space to let it breathe on its own. Our Oscar Chesterfield armchair looks particularly good in country style homes and cottages when upholstered in linen or cotton fabrics. Alternatively, make a statement with a bold velvet, and a Chesterfield armchair would look equally chic and stylish in a traditional townhouse where, on the whole, rooms are grander.

Traditional Chairs

If you’re more of a traditional furniture fan, we have plenty of styles to keep you covered. A traditional armchair often features a higher back or wingback, which envelops you for a cosy and supportive feel. We often fold in additional features like button detailing and shapely turned wooden legs to impart a real sense of heritage. Our Grantley is the perfect example of a traditional armchair and would look stunning next to an old fireplace.

Scandi Chairs

Lately we’ve seen Scandinavian styles leaping into countless considered homes across the globe. The region has a rich history of design, pioneering many of the sleek, minimalist silhouettes we’ve come to love. Scandi-style armchairs often keep to a simple format which prizes quality craftsmanship and cosy materials over extraneous ornamentation. Our popular Henry and Noah designs are great examples of the style, with sturdy shapes covered in supremely comfortable cushioning and topped off with tactile textiles.