Meet the makers

Trevor, Deep Buttoning

Our factory in Long Eaton is home to some of the most skilled workers in the furniture industry and we’ve been chatting to the dedicated craftsmen and craftswomen behind Arlo & Jacob. 

We’ve met Diane, the sew room manager, Donald, the frame maker, Mark in product development and John, the frame polisher. Finally we meet Trevor, our expert in deep buttoning. He is responsible for the truly bespoke detail found on pieces such as the Darcy Sofa, Berkeley Armchair and Dalloway Footstool; exquisite pieces which show off Trevor’s impressive button-backing talents and precise finishing skills.

How long have you worked at the Long Eaton factory?

I first started here in the 1970s so I’ve worked here for over forty years.

How did you get into your role?

I’ve worked my way up the ranks. I started with a City & Guilds apprenticeship in upholstery and then spent several years working on the shop floor. It’s over many years that I’ve honed my skills at deep buttoning.

What training did you have to have [for your role]?

I do have a City & Guilds qualification but experience on the job has taught me far more than any qualification could!

What makes an A&J sofa different to other sofas on the market?

Arlo & Jacob sofas are simple, stylish designs that could easily fit into any home.

What do you think is the perfect sofa feature?

I wouldn’t like anything in leather. My perfect sofa would be something like the Darcy in cream velvet - and not just because it has so much deep buttoning!

Tell us one thing about your job we wouldn’t expect.

I start buttoning on the second row rather than from the very top or bottom. It’s not just a quirk; it actually holds everything in place far better.

What’s the most important part of your role?

A good, straight eye is essential for making sure everything aligns perfectly.